Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Bare Oaks Spring Flood

The yearly Bare Oaks spring flood is on. With the warmer weather comes the runoff through the Black River and Harrison Creek. The unusually high amount of snowfall this year has created some record flooding. Yesterday, the water was running over parts of Kennedy Road and Queensville Sideroad had to be closed because some much water was flowing over it.

If you are planning on visiting Bare Oaks in the next while, please be careful. If you are traveling at night, you may not see the water on the road until you are in it.

Access to the back of Bare Oaks (Beckett Circle) is limited to foot traffic for the next few weeks while the road dries up. For the next few days, you'll need a good set of waterproof boots because the water is flowing over Connett Drive at the bridge over the Black River. Today, it is 15-20 cm deep.

Be very careful! The water is much deeper and flows faster than it looks!

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