Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The should compete nude

On Tuesday June 24, 2008, in an article titled Sleek suit swamps records, the Toronto Star reported on a new high-tech swim suit called the Speedo LZR Racer. This full-body suit apparently gives the swimmer a significant advantage by reducing drag.

Sport is about reaching for the ultimate fitness of the body, mind and spirit. The Greeks were right when they competed nude in sporting events. In fact, the term gymnasium comes from the Greek word gymnos which means nude.

But when swimmers use a high-tech fabric suit that costs $550 each, takes 15 minutes to put on, and only lasts for 4-5 swims, sport becomes about who has the most money and the most advanced technology.

We should accept our bodies as they are. We are designed to be the best at what we are. I think most would agree regardless of whether they think God or evolution created us.

Not all of us are perfectly built for sports such as swimming, running, or basketball. But for those who are, it should be about the person and the sport but not about the contraptions we use to enhance our abilities.