Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Events - Labour Day Weekend

Lots of events this weekend! All done by volunteer Bare Oaks members. (Thank you!!) See the schedule for Saturday and Sunday below.



Traditionally, the park has held an Illumination Night on the Saturday of the Labour Day long weekend – this tradition comes from the Illumination initiated annually by the Sharon Temple.

The Children of Peace, the builders of the Sharon Temple, embodied contradiction after contradiction. They were a "plain folk", former Quakers with no musical tradition, who went on to create the first civilian band in Canada and build the first organ in Ontario. They built an ornate temple to raise money for the poor, and built the province's first shelter for the homeless; but by 1851, Sharon was the most prosperous village in the province.

Following the practice of the Children of Peace, Sharon Temple holds The Illumination on the first Friday night of September every year – at one time the light from the temple could be seen from Toronto.

All are invited to light up the park by decorating your site with light (Trailers and Campsites) and by doing so, enter our juried Illumination Night. You can choose electric lights, solar lights or candle light.

All are invited to meet at the fork in Beckett Circle by the water pump house to begin the walk about around the park at dusk (7:30 pm on August 30th) ‘oooing’ and ‘awwwing’ at the sites. (Amongst the group will be the secret judges).

Volunteers wanted for the afternoon of August 30th to assist in filling paper bags with sand & tea lights and placing along the side of the park roads – please contact Heather if interested. At approximately 7:15 all are asked to light the tea lights in the bags in front/around their individual site.



10:00 am (Sand court)

Volleyball clinic for novice plus, novice player and beginners. (prepare for the 1pm Swing & Switch Volleyball Tournament!)

LUNCH SPECIAL – (front deck)
  • Hot Dog & Salad $4.00
  • Hamburger & Salad $5.00
(Restaurant open all weekend!)

1:00 pm

This is a fun tournament for every level of player. We have 8 Bare Oaks prize towels to give away to the winners! Cost: FREE!


4:00 pm judging (front lawn)
6:00 pm Chili dinner

Think you make the BEST CHILLI? Find out what the judges think.

Sign up to enter in the front office.

This is your chance to taste the enticing Chilli dishes. If you did not enter the contest, please bring a dish with you (salad, alternative entrées, breads, etc) sign up sheet will be in front office after August 16th, or email potluck@bareoaks.ca Remember to bring your own plates and utensils.

After dinner the prize for the best Chilli and Illuminations will be awarded.