Friday, 5 September 2008

Webworms not tent caterpillars

All those webs on the trees aren't as bad as you might think and are not tent caterpillars. See the article below from

Don’t let webworms bug you
Webworms form cocoons such as this one at the end of trees. Experts believe higher than normal rainfalls this summer may contribute to their early arrival. They usually don’t start until late summer.

Regional News
August 23, 2008 10:13 PM

By: Adam McLean

They are creepy, crawly, hairy and they could be in your back yard.
Take a look out the window or have a gander next time you mow your lawn and you might notice your trees are sporting cottony webs at the ends of some branches. Get a closer look and you will see that these cotton webs are, in fact, alive.

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