Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Photos – part II

We just found out that people who did not have a flickr account were only able to see a limited number of photos using the link provided on the April 5th blog post. That's because one of the account settings was set incorrectly. That has been changed. You can now see all the photos at:

Sorry for the confusion!!

Photo credit: ~chicchun~

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Nude in public... sort of

Peugot's latest publicity stunt does a good job at illustrating the ridiculousness of nudity laws and our society's schizophrenic attitude towards the human body.

On April 23rd, French automaker Peugeot sent out 308 actors outfitted in form-fitting body-colored suits and blue scarves to mingle with London's morning commuters. The reason? To promote the launch of it's new "topless" model, the 308 Coupe Cabriolet.

So they looked nude. But because they weren't actually nude, they were not offensive. Was anything hidden? Not really. I guess the only thing people didn't know was the colour of their pubic hair. Other than that, what's the difference?

In fact, you could wear a body suit that had nipples, penises and pubic hair drawn on it and that would still be OK. Not offensive at all. Only the real thing is apparently offensive.

And what about the actors? I suspect most of them would never have agreed to be nude in public. Yet they were OK with people thinking they were seeing them nude as long as they were not actually nude.

Doesn't that really illustrate the ridiculousness of nudity laws? Exposure of certain parts of the human body is illegal because those parts are apparently so incredibly offensive and upsetting. Yet it's the same parts everybody has and that almost every human being has seen many times in their lives. And since many people wear form-fitting clothing, the actual shape of those parts isn't even a secret.

I can wear the ugliest clothing in the world. I can walk down the street wearing a t-shirt that says nasty things about your mother. That's all OK. However, if I sit nude on my front porch quietly reading the newspaper, that is offensive and worthy of a criminal charge in most jurisdictions. RIDICULOUS!!


Thursday, 16 April 2009

It sure feels good!

OK, it's not quite summer but you can feel that it's getting close. The leaves aren't on the trees yet and the grass is just barely starting to turn green. But the sun feels hot on the skin and the temperature is reaching delightful levels this week! This picture was taken today and we are not cold at all. In fact, after 20 minutes, small beads of sweat were starting to form on our brow. What a wonderful change after the snowy winter.

This weekend, all the roads at Bare Oaks will finally be open. They're still a bit rough. We have some repairs to make. But they are dry enough to support vehicle traffic.

We will also be turning on the seasonal water this weekend. I must remind everyone that although our water is filtered and chlorinated, we do not meet the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s standards for drinking water. Because we are a campground with year-round use and more than 5 connections, we must meet regulation 170. (Non-Municipal Year-Round Drinking Water System) We are in the final stages of registering the system. It should be registered in the next month or two. Until then, we must notify you that our water is not potable and you should “bring water to a rapid rolling boil for at least one minute before use.”

So we're open for camping. Well... we're always open for camping but not many people seem to want to camp without running water in the snow! ...although there are a few...

Sunday, 5 April 2009


I have uploaded a number of pictures to Flickr, the Yahoo-owned photo sharing service. Take a look:

You can see historical pictures, aerial photos, summer images, pictures from illumination and more.

Note: The pictures are intentionally limited. Given how little control I have over what people do with with the photos, I've only included pictures without people, pictures where people are not recognizable or pictures with people who have given permission. I also avoided showing genitals and nudity in general. Not because there's anything wrong with nudity but because I don't want to attract excessive amount of website traffic from people looking for a cheap thrill.

On a slightly unrelated topic, I also added a new page on the website that explains the reasons behind the names:

Photo credit: ~chicchun~