Friday, 8 May 2009

New Hot Tub!

Many people have heard through the rumour mill that we are getting a new hot tub. It's true!

The picture above is of the new hot tub. The Hydropool H-1200 is a 12 person commercial hot tub. Here are some specifications:
144"x 92"x 42"deep / 366 x 234 x 107 cm
Height: 42" / 107 cm
Volume: @866 US gallons / 3275 Litres

Yes, it will fit but we need to make the hole bigger. In fact, we are going to have to take out one of the windows and part of the wall to get it in.

There will be a fair bit of work involved so there will be no hot tub for several weeks starting after the long weekend. (May 18) But the pool will be open instead. (albeit a bit colder!)

The old hot tub was installed in 1984. That means it is exactly 25 years old! Below is a picture of Eric Jarvis sitting a the brand new hot tub in 1984. (note how the walls are not even finished) Next to that is Eric Jarvic in the same hot tub in March of this year. (I would say he's aged better than the hot tub.)