Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bare Bistro hours & menu

Our new restaurateurs are Diane and Dave Palachik. Dave will be the one working at the Bare Oaks Bare Bistro most of the time while Diane continues to works at the Cedar Beach Grill on Musselman's Lake.

Because they have a catering endorsement on their liquor license, every weekend this summer will be licensed. They also have the advantage of having another restaurant and a catering business. That means they are going to be bringing expertise, new ideas and investing in some additional equipment.

They are starting on Friday (June 5th) with a meal special. They will be posting regular business hours and they have guaranteed that they will be open during those hours.

You can see the hours and the menu at:

So whether you are looking for a snack, a drink or a full meal, the Bare Bistro will be there to serve you.