Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Yes, the earth did move for you...

Earthquake info:

time: 1:41 pm at epicentre (around 1:44 pm in Newmarket)

magnitude: 5.5 (moderate)

location: 53 km northeast of Ottawa

depth: 15.7 km

More info:

Monday, 14 June 2010

Want to be in pictures?

A film production company looking for extras to appear in a shower scene. It is for a feature film, directed by Sarah Polley, that is being filmed in Toronto.

They are looking for WOMEN to be background extras in a locker room scene where some of the cast are talking after a workout. The main character in the scene will either be showering or changing after a work out. There are other female cast members that will also be nude in this scene. There is no sexual contact of any kind.

People interested in the job must be comfortable with full nudity. They want WOMEN of all body shapes and all ages but are focusing on women above 55.

They are filming in Toronto but the exact location is TBD. The pay is $630.50 total for the first 8 hours and then $79.25 for each additional hour after that.

It will be filmed around the end of July, beginning of August. The commitment would be one day, a weekday, although at this point they don't know the exact date that the scene is scheduled to shoot. A typical shoot day is anywhere from 8 - 14 hours so you would need to have that day completely free.

If you are interested in more details please contact:

More info about Sarah Polley at:

Sunday, 13 June 2010

World Naked Bike Ride 2010

Well over 100 people participated in the 7th World Naked Bike Ride in Toronto yesterday. The weather was grey and cool but none of that kept participants from stripping and riding. Thankfully, the rain held off until the last five minutes of the ride. The group included a significant contingent from Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

Photos at:


Digital Journal (photos and video included)

Toronto Sun


About the World Naked Bike Ride:

Toronto Wiki
Toronto Yahoo Group
World Naked Bike Ride main website

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Three New Videos

The videos are available on:
Daily Motion:

Monday, 7 June 2010

Growers Cider Nude Ads now in Ontario

Last fall, a blog post told the story of the Growers Cider ads that were done at Bare Oaks. [click here to read] At the time the ads were on billboards and transit shelters in British Columbia and Alberta. Later, the campaign was extended to a website.

This year, the campaign has come to Ontario. (as you can see above) In this image, all of the people featured are regulars at Bare Oaks. We'll let you figure out who they are.

Some of my friends and neighbours who recognized me as they drove by the billboard thought it was part of a promotional campaign for Bare Oaks. (they obviously didn't get a chance to read the tagline) I really wish Bare Oaks had that kind of promotional budget!!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Naked Gardens

For those of you would like to have a garden plot at Bare Oaks, we announce the opening of “The Naked Gardens”. There's no better way to feel at one with nature than to tend your garden and then harvest the fruits of your labour. It's also a wonderful learning experience for children.

We are doing Square Foot Gardening. It's a more environmentally friendly way to garden where you get the same production but in only 20% of the space. It is easy plus it saves water, resources, time and effort. Visit for more details

The 4'x4' raised beds are now available for planting.  There is a cost of $35.00 per bed for the soil mixture.  Bare Oaks is providing the frames and space.  The beds are available on a first come, first served basis.  To reserve your garden plot, contact the Bare Oaks office or send an email to:

Participation in The Naked Gardens is easy. There are just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. This is an organic garden.  No pesticides or herbicides may be used.
  2. Only the Square Foot Gardening method is permitted.  
  3. Each gardener is responsible for their plot(s).  Any naked gardener who does not maintain their plot(s) will forfeit the use of the plot(s) and any access to the produce.
  4. If this is your first time trying Square Foot Gardening, please limit yourself to 3 plots.