Monday, 12 July 2010

Skinny-Dipping Results

Thank you everyone who came out and participated in Saturday's Skinny Dip.  Here at Bare Oaks, we had 177 people -- beating our personal record from last year of 95 people.  The weather was fantastic and at three pm the word to go was given.  Everyone (including many first time visitors!) headed into the lake, cheering and several swam out to the dock, sinking it to about two feet below the water.  It was fantastic to see so many new faces here on the park.

If anyone wants a print of the 'official' photo, you can order them from the office. They cost $1 for a 4x6 or $5 for an 8x10. (plus HST of course) If you want it shipped to you (instead of picking it up) there will be an additional $5 shipping charge. Orders must be in and paid for by July 19th.

It'll be a couple more weeks before we'll know from AANR whether or not we beat last year's Guinness World Record™ of 13,648 people simultaneously skinny-dipping across North America.

A Channel from Barrie came and did a great cover of the skinny dip.  See above or, if that doesn't play, just click here.

Once again, thanks to everyone who turned out.  Hope to see you again soon!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Current media

In today's Globe & Mail, Ian Brown talks about having a "Naked lunch – and naked breakfast" at the Bare Bistro at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. You can read the article online by clicking here.

Nobody at Bare Oaks had any idea that a Globe & Mail reporter had been there. He simply checked into one of the rooms like everyone else and didn't tell anybody why he was there. Which is fine, of course, since we treat all our guest with equal respect. It's just more useful for reporters to identify themselves if they want to spend some time discussing the philosophy of naturism with someone or get facts about Bare Oaks.

Ian Brown's commentary on his experience and his reactions are quite funny. And in between all the comments are all the right messages. He says being nude is a philosophy at Bare Oaks. He includes people of all ages, including children, when describing the members and visitors at the park. He accurately communicates the non-sexual tone of the park and marvels at the incredible casualness and comfort that regular members manifest while nude. He describes intelligent conversation between knowledgeable people. He compliments our staff (specifically names Nikki) and describes a pleasant environment at Bare Oaks. And most importantly, he gives Liz a great compliment when he says that the eggs were done perfectly." (I never expected to have the Bare Bistro reviewed in a newspaper!)

Mr. Brown also spends a lot of time describing his discomfort. Some people might think he's making fun of naturists. But I think that he is much more clever than that. The way I see it, he's poking fun at our society's phobia towards the human body.  Insightful people will recognize that the discomfort described in the article is symptomatic of a people that have a dysfunctional view of their anatomy.

Other media:

There was an article in the Toronto Sun and Canoe about today's Skinny-Dipping record attempt and A Channel in Barrie has told us they would attend the Bare Oaks event. The FCN and FQN sent out a press release about all the locations across Canada where people can participate in AANR's Skinny-Dipping record attempt. So there may be even more media coverage that we haven't heard about yet.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Skinny-dipping for a world record July 10th

Last year, 95 members and visitors at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park contributed to the 13,674 people who simultaneously skinny-dipped in 140 locations across North America for a Guinness World Record. See the video of last year's event at Bare Oaks:

We're doing it again! Along with many other clubs throughout Canada and the USA, at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time, we will be trying to break last years’ record. Day visitors participating in the skinny dip will be given a 50% discount on grounds fees.

Never tried naturism out? This will be a great day to give it a go! With the 50% discount you save money and it will be a lot of fun, a great way to meet people and you get to be part of the record!

In order to be able to be counted in the record, we will be taking a video and a photo of the skinny dip. Both will be taken from a distance and nobody should be recognizable. (like the link to the video on YouTube or the picture attached to this blog entry) But if this is something that you would not be comfortable with, perhaps just come to cheer folks on. The special day fee does only applies if you are getting in the water.

If you wish to participate please arrive at the very least ONE HOUR before the skinny dip, so 2 p.m. This way we will have time to get you in and set up before sending you off to the lake. But don’t wait until then to show up! We encourage you to come sooner and make the most of the day.

Hope to see you here at the park!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Nude Bus to Hanlan's Point Beach – July 14

The following message was sent today by the Federation of Canadian Naturists:

Naturist Festival
3rd Annual Nude Bus
to Hanlan's Point
Wednesday July 14th  is the Naturist Festival trip to Hanlan's Point nude beach in Toronto. It's time again for the 3rd annual Nude Bus ride to the beach.
Yes, you can be nude on the bus! In fact, we're encouraging it. If you want, you can spend the entire day with only a towel. (to sit on and for those brief periods when you need to cover up)
The bus will leave Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, drive on to the ferry and then drive right to the beach! 

(Wednesday July 14)
9:30 am boarding at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
10:00 am departure
    5:30 pm - Leave Hanlan's Point. Arrival at Bare Oaks will depend on traffic and the space on the ferry. It may be as last as 8 pm.

      Cost & Reservation
      Cost: $8 (plus $6.50 for the ferry) per person (roundtrip, no discount for one-way)
      Reservations are highly recommended!  Maximum capacity is 40 people and every year we have sold out well ahead of the festival. We cannot have more than one bus because of the size of the ferry. 

      To reserve, call the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park office at: (905) 473-6060
      There is very limited space for luggage. Please let us know if you are planning on bringing any luggage.