Monday, 5 July 2010

Skinny-dipping for a world record July 10th

Last year, 95 members and visitors at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park contributed to the 13,674 people who simultaneously skinny-dipped in 140 locations across North America for a Guinness World Record. See the video of last year's event at Bare Oaks:

We're doing it again! Along with many other clubs throughout Canada and the USA, at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time, we will be trying to break last years’ record. Day visitors participating in the skinny dip will be given a 50% discount on grounds fees.

Never tried naturism out? This will be a great day to give it a go! With the 50% discount you save money and it will be a lot of fun, a great way to meet people and you get to be part of the record!

In order to be able to be counted in the record, we will be taking a video and a photo of the skinny dip. Both will be taken from a distance and nobody should be recognizable. (like the link to the video on YouTube or the picture attached to this blog entry) But if this is something that you would not be comfortable with, perhaps just come to cheer folks on. The special day fee does only applies if you are getting in the water.

If you wish to participate please arrive at the very least ONE HOUR before the skinny dip, so 2 p.m. This way we will have time to get you in and set up before sending you off to the lake. But don’t wait until then to show up! We encourage you to come sooner and make the most of the day.

Hope to see you here at the park!