Monday, 12 July 2010

Skinny-Dipping Results

Thank you everyone who came out and participated in Saturday's Skinny Dip.  Here at Bare Oaks, we had 177 people -- beating our personal record from last year of 95 people.  The weather was fantastic and at three pm the word to go was given.  Everyone (including many first time visitors!) headed into the lake, cheering and several swam out to the dock, sinking it to about two feet below the water.  It was fantastic to see so many new faces here on the park.

If anyone wants a print of the 'official' photo, you can order them from the office. They cost $1 for a 4x6 or $5 for an 8x10. (plus HST of course) If you want it shipped to you (instead of picking it up) there will be an additional $5 shipping charge. Orders must be in and paid for by July 19th.

It'll be a couple more weeks before we'll know from AANR whether or not we beat last year's Guinness World Record™ of 13,648 people simultaneously skinny-dipping across North America.

A Channel from Barrie came and did a great cover of the skinny dip.  See above or, if that doesn't play, just click here.

Once again, thanks to everyone who turned out.  Hope to see you again soon!