Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Naturism in France

France is often regarded by naturists as the Mecca of naturism.  While the naturist movement is generally considered to have started in Germany, the largest resorts are now found in France. The French government has a division of the tourism ministry whose purpose is only to promote naturist tourism. The naturist district in Cap d'Agde was created by the French government in the 1970's and now attracts over 40,000 people every summer. Millions of French citizens vacation every year in naturist resorts, clubs and beaches.

But as advanced as naturism is in France, it is also an example of how things can go wrong when commerce drives a movement's growth. For example, Cap d'Agde has been widely criticised over the decades for its lack of standards.

This video was originally broadcast on French TV in August of 2011. It is an excellent overview of the current state of naturism in France – both good and bad. It also provides a warning for the naturist movement in our own country. If we do not defend naturist values, those who exploit naturism will destroy the philosophy on which our movement was created.

The original show was in French only.  This version has been enhanced with English subtitles.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Act Naturally on DVD

The producers of the movie Act Naturally have announced the pre-release sale of the DVD version.

So if you were there at the Fox Theatre on June 26th or saw the screening during the 2011 Naturist Festival, you can now have your own copy! (plus bonus material)

If you missed both screenings, then this is your chance to finally see it!

Please support independent naturist film by purchasing your own copy of this movie instead of duplicating it or downloading it.

Friday, 9 December 2011

15 Years of Equality in Topfree Rights for Women!

Fifteen years ago today, on December 9th, 1996, the Ontario Appeal Court reversed the 1991 conviction of Gwen Jacob for indecency making it legal for all women in Ontario to be topfree. Jacob, at the time a university student, had walked bare-breasted through the streets of Guelph in July 1991 in order to protest the inequality of current law.

On July 19, 1991, Gwen Jacob took off her shirt and walked home from the University of Guelph. She was charged with committing an indecent act. (Section 173 of the Criminal Code of Canada)

It was actually the second time that she had walked top-free in the City of Guelph during 33C weather. The first stroll only generated puzzled reactions. But on the second day, she ran into more opposition when she stopped to talk on Ontario Street. A Ms. Pettifer called the police after after Gwen Jacob refused her request to cover up. Another resident of that street, Ms. Snarr, expressed concern about the impact that bare breasts would have on her young children. The police asked Gwen Jacob to put on her shirt. They arrested her when she refused and charged her with committing an indecent act.

At the first trial in 1991, Ms. Pettifer testified that bare breasts were "disgusting" while Ms. Snarr said that it is "dirty" for women to expose their breasts. Gwen Jacob was found guilty and fined $75. In 1992, the Ontario Court's General Division upheld the ruling. But on December 9, 1996, the Court of Appeal for Ontario reversed her 1991 conviction and gave all the women of Ontario the right to be topfree.

You can hear Gwen Jacob tell her story on episode 28 of The Naturist Living Show.

Friday, 25 November 2011

2012 Invoices

If you are a member, you should have received by now the 2012 invoices that were mailed a week ago.  They are not due until April 1st. This year, the rates have gone up modestly but if you take advantage of the early payment discount, your rates will be the same as last year!

If you have not received your invoice, please contact the office to request another copy.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Winterizing Your Trailer

Woodall's Family Camping Blog has a good article on how to prepare your recreation vehicle (RV) for the winter:

Photo by brentolson

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Seasonal Water Off Monday

We've held out as long as we could but frost is now a possibility at night.  So we will be shutting down the seasonal water (Beckett Circle) on Monday, October 31st.

If you have a trailer, this is also the time to winterize it otherwise you may experience damage.  If you need someone to winterize your trailer, please contact the office for recommendations.

But the clubhouse with its hot tub, saunas and fireplaces is open all year and members are most welcome to continue using the property and their trailers throughout the winter.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

1961 Interview with Karl and Marlies Ruehle

The call box at the entrance to Sun Valley Gardens circa 1964

Some people will have noticed that we have the old call box from Sun Valley Gardens hanging on the wall in the Bare Oaks office. The club had a significant impact on Ontario’s naturist scene. Almost every existing club in Southern Ontario (and a few that have since closed) in some way owe their existence to former members of SVG.

A 1961 interview with Karl and Marlies Ruehle, owners of Sun Valley Gardens, has been posted in the CBC's archives. They are being interviewed by a young June Callwood on CBC-TV's Close-Up.

Note: the CBC archive can be very slow to load. Be patient.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Monday, 19 September 2011

Reuters at Bare Oaks

Mark Blinch, a photographer with the Reuters News Agency, contacted us in June about a project he was doing on "what it means to get back to nature,  movements on how people find alternatives to cope with big city living, and what it means to our health when we are absent from nature."  He wanted to know if he could explore the naturist movement in that context.  We agreed and he spent a few days at Bare Oaks both as a participant and as a reporter.  The fact that he took his time and tried it himself really shows in the resulting video:

These photos also become part of the worldwide Reuters photos library which means that when the media does a story about naturism, they may be using pictures of Bare Oaks with their article.

Mount Albert Family Fun Fest & Music Mania

Mount Albert
Family Fun Fest & Music Mania
Saturday, September 24th

It's not a Bare Oaks event but it is an event in our community which we support.  And it's a fun time!!
The village of Mount Albert is located about 5 km southeast of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.  Maps are available in the office.

Downtown Mount Albert (Community Centre)

Starts at 10 am
Bouncy Castle •  Pony Rides •  Pumpkin Decorating • Vendors •  Festival Games & Crafts • Live Performances • Free “Test Drive Your Fitness” Classes •  Story Time • Contests •  Chaotic Exotic Animals •  Demos & much more


  • Fuzian Pan-Asian Restaurant ~ Nayanna Parcher (Folk) 1pm-6pm, Ewan Dobson (Solo Guitar) 7pm
  • KristineA’s Family Restaurant ~ Karaoke by Elyse 8pm-11pm
  • Mad Hatter’s Bistro & Catering ~ Mose Stephenson (Folk/Country) 6pm-10pm
  • Mount Albert Legion Branch 382 ~ Steve Porter 5pm - 8pm
  • The Prince Albert Pub ~ (Performer TBC)


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Members' Meeting

Each year, there is pressure to hold the members' meeting as early as possible before some of our retired members head south.  That always makes it difficult to effectively evaluate the past season which has barely finished. It also makes it challenging to announce plans for the next season so the projects and ideas are usually vague. To solve this, the members' meeting is being moved to the spring – likely in April. That way, we'll be able to be very specific about the plans for the summer and report much more accurately on the previous year. The change in timing shouldn't have any impact on anyone because individuals who have ideas, issues, concerns or questions bring can bring them up directly with us at any time. The office is staffed 358 days per year and we can also be reached by Phone, Email, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter. ...oh yes, and by old-fashioned postal mail too.

Friday, 9 September 2011

coffee as sunscreen?

A recent Toronto Star article reported on a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It confirms previous evidence that caffeine helps prevent some skin cancers.

We all know by now that there is plenty of evidence that sunshine and vitamin D are very important to our health. (See the May 2010 blog post) But skin cancer remains a concern so treating the sun with respect is also important.  But now it seems, that a cup of coffee prior to getting your sun exposure might be a key part too!

Other research has also linked coffee consumption to lowering the risk of colorectal and liver cancers, asthma, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

It's all about controlled dosage.  Some sun is good for you, but too much is bad.  And so is too much caffeine or too much alcohol.  In all things, moderation!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Restaurant Hours - September

Given the popularity of the restaurant, we've extended the hours into the fall. In the past, the restaurant switched to weekend-only hours after labour day. But this year, for September, the Bare Bistro will be open:

  • Monday to Friday: 11 am to 3 pm 
  • Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am to 3 pm

Of course, Liz is always happy to stay open a bit longer if the weather is good and there are customers around.

Visit for hours, menu, events and announcements.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Recent Film Shoot Rumours

Over the last week, several members have approached staff with disturbing rumours about the film that was shot at Bare Oaks on August 15th to 17th. We really appreciate those members who took the time to find out the facts by asking us directly. To spread such rumours without even trying to check the facts would be malicious.

But in case anyone has heard the stories but hasn't had a chance to ask us yet, here are the facts:

Not porn
This is the most surprising part of the rumour.  Given our clear position against pornography, it is dumbfounding that anyone would believe that we would allow it to be filmed at Bare Oaks.

We were told that the film would contain nudity and sexuality. That didn't seem shocking given that almost all movies and many TV shows contain "scenes with nudity and sexuality" these days. A person would have to be very old-fashioned to think that a movie with nudity or suggested sexuality is porn. Prime-time TV is full of shows with steamy love scenes. Nevertheless we sought and received assurances that any simulated sexuality would be not be seen by visitors or members of the park because the set would be "closed".  Clearly that didn't happen. Also the sexuality went further than we were led to believe. We are very sorry for anyone who was offended. That will not happen again.

Not produced by Bare Oaks
We had nothing to do with the film. Our location was simply rented by the production company. While Bare Oaks earned over $5,000 for the 3 days, it was not worth it in hindsight given the disruption to our visitors and members.

Not set at Bare Oaks
After the contract was signed, we learned that the movie was actually set in a "nudist colony". But this location is completely fictitious.  Bare Oaks will not be associated in any way with the film. We will not even get a credit.

Content was a surprise
Despite receiving some general verbal descriptions of the movie in advance, the actual content was a surprise. Unfortunately, the script only became available after the contract was signed.

The film crew and cast lacked discretion
We were assured by the producer that when they were filming the "simulated sexuality", it would be shielded from the view of the park's visitors and members. Clearly that didn't happen and we are very disappointed. We apologize to anyone who was offended.

More disruptive than expected
Only small areas of the park were supposed to be used at any one time and generally during off-peak hours. However, the reality is that they used more space than expected and took longer than suggested. For this reason alone, we would be unlikely to rent our facilities again as a film location unless we had more specific commitments and restrictions. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

We learn from our mistakes
If we decide to rent out our facilities for a film shoot again (and that is a big "if") we will insist on reviewing the script prior to signing the contract. We will not depend on verbal descriptions. We will also be more involved in the scheduling of the filming to ensure minimal disruptions.

This was our second time renting out Bare Oaks as a location.  Our first experience in 2009 was a lot of fun and worked out really well. (see:

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mini Golf

The new mini-golf is now open!

Everyone is welcome to play.  Putters and golf balls are available in the office.

This was not a Bare Oaks undertaking. Rather, it is the fulfillment of 3 years of dedication and perseverance by several Bare Oaks members who wanted to create a project that would enhance their park.

Paul, one of the main organizers, tells the story as follows:

The idea germinated during discussions between members during the summer of 2008. Fundraising started September 2008 and ran through May 2010.  The money was raised though numerous dances and casual meals offered by members over the winter seasons.  The fundraising effort was managed by Gord & Colleen, Stony, and Liz & myself.  We raised over $6,500 for the project with all but $480 currently spent on materials.  The remaining funds will be used to complete the finishing touches.   
During this period, additional funds beyond the $6,500 were allocated for the fire pit in Beckett Circle, lighting for that area plus replacement of the lights on the bridge to Strawberry Fields. 
Construction began in May 2010 with the removal of the sod, followed by the limestone being brought in during June and the frames built through the end of the season.  The buildings that are there today were built by high school students under the direction of their shop teacher, a member of Bare Oaks, throughout the school year 2010-2011.  The main construction began this spring and was completed the week of the FCN Festival.  There are still tasks to be done but it is now usable. 
Stony with assistance from Larry removed the top level of sod from the site.  Bob and Stony moved all of the limestone from the parking lot to the site and did the rough levelling.  Dave volunteered his students to build the four structures we currently have using materials that we supplied.  Most of the construction was handled by Stony and myself.  We had assistance over the last four months from Marc & Suzy, Kim & Wendy, Bruce, Steve, Marc, Dave, Ulli, Kevin, Melissa, Marianne, and Rosie.  I think that is everyone, although it is possible I may be overlooking a person or two who contributed. I apologize to anyone who was missed. It was not intentional.

So to everyone who contributed either financially or through your sweat and toil (or both!) a very big thank you!!  All the members and visitors, both present and future, will certainly appreciate your hard work.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

August Events

The 2011 Naturist Festival by the FCN & FQN was a huge success!!  Fantastic weather ensured that hundreds of people attended and participated.

The festival itself is over but there are still many events scheduled for August! Some of the events are organized by Bare Oaks but most of the events are done by the members either through the Bare Oaks Social Committee or the Bare Bistro.
Plus, drop-in Volleyball Games every Saturday & Sunday at 2pm.
And Yoga classes every Thursday and Saturday.

How to keep up with events

Look at our online calendar at:

Get event reminders (4 days ahead of time) via Twitter:

Subscribe to the calendar:
We use Google Calendar to publish Bare Oaks’ Event Schedule. This gives you a great deal of advantages. You can subscribe to our calendar and it will then be included in your own calendar. Events will be automatically updated. You can also add specific events to your calendar or subscribe to event reminders. For more information, go to

If you have an ICS/iCalendar enabled calendar program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Calendar or Apple iCal) you can subscribe to the calendar and have Bare Oaks events automatically added. The calendar address is:

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

20th Anniversary of Gwen Jacob's Topfree Walk

Twenty years ago today, on July 19, 1991, Gwen Jacob took off her shirt and walked home from the University of Guelph. She was charged with committing an indecent act. (Section 173 of the Criminal Code of Canada)

It was actually the second time that she had walked top-free in the City of Guelph during 33C weather. The first stroll only generated puzzled reactions. But on the second day, she ran into more opposition when she stopped to talk on Ontario Street. A Ms. Pettifer called the police after after Gwen Jacob refused her request to cover up. Another resident of that street, Ms. Snarr, expressed concern about the impact that bare breasts would have on her young children. The police asked Gwen Jacob to put on her shirt. They arrested her when she refused and charged her with committing an indecent act.

At the first trial in 1991, Ms. Pettifer testified that bare breasts were "disgusting" while Ms. Snarr said that it is "dirty" for women to expose their breasts. Gwen Jacob was found guilty and fined $75. In 1992, the Ontario Court's General Division upheld the ruling. But on December 9, 1996, the Court of Appeal for Ontario reversed her 1991 conviction and gave all the women of Ontario the right to be topfree.

You can hear Gwen Jacob tell her story on episode 28 of The Naturist Living Show.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Telling People About Naturism

You want to tell your friends, family and co-workers that you are a naturist. But you don't want to make a big announcement and you're not sure how to bring up the subject. After all, it's a natural thing to do and isn't a big deal.

Here's the solution. Get yourself the Bare Oaks mug and just casually drink your morning coffee in it.  Or just leave it laying around. It's bound to generate some questions.  The cartoon nature of the image makes it relatively inoffensive. The variety of ages, genders, and types of people shows that naturism is for everyone.

Of course, make sure you are ready to answer all the inquiries. Here are most of the typical questions that textiles ask:
You can purchase the Bare Oaks Mug at the park or order it from the Bare Boutique online.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Movie Stars are Coming!

The movie stars are coming! Josh McVaney (Trevor Wilson) and Katie Hall (Leah Collins) will be at the Toronto screening.

As previously announced, J.P.Riley, the director, will be there. Maya Kuper, the sound designer, will also be there. Hollywood is coming to Toronto for the International Premiere of Act Naturally!  At this point, no other screenings are planned outside of the United States.

Date: Sunday, June 26, 2011
Time: 5:00 p.m. EDT (clothing-free) & 7:00 p.m. EDT (clothing-optional)
Place: Fox Theatre, 2236 Queen Street East, Toronto

More info:

The deadline for advance tickets sales has been extended to June 24th.

Time is running out!  Tell all your friends that this may be their only opportunity to see this movie.  It almost certainly will be their only chance to see it clothes-free!!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Nude Movie Night in Toronto

Attend an advance screening, clothes-free, of the movie Act Naturally in Toronto on Sunday June 26, 2011.

Finally, a Hollywood movie about naturism that doesn’t exploit naturists!  This indie film was produced over the last few years as their limited budget allowed. Previews such as this one are being organized around North America as fundraisers to help the producers to fund the final step of getting the film into theatre distribution.

Date: Sunday June 26, 2011

Two options:
Attendees for the 5pm show can stay free for the 7pm show if seating is available.

Meet the director! JP Riley will be attending the Toronto screening and answering questions between shows.

Clothes-check service: available on site

Rental towels:
  • $2/towel (limited quantities – first come, first served unless reserved in advance)
  • Free with advance ticket purchase
*You must have a towel to sit on so rent one or bring your own.

Advance Ticket Purchase (FREE Towel Rental Included)
(until June 20th)

  • 19.95 Single adult
  • 29.95 Two adults
  • Children under 18 with parents: free (Note: parental warning below)
Movie Trailer:

Behind-the-scenes Video:

Plot Outline:
When two estranged step-sisters learn of their father's untimely death on a business trip, they must travel cross-country to claim his remains. Upon arriving at their father's final destination, the girls are shocked to discover he had been leading a double life as the proprietor of a nudist resort. To top it off... this is their inheritance.

As the sisters' world continues spinning out of orbit, the resort staff takes them under their bare wing. Welcoming them to a world free of worries or clothes, the staff must convince them to keep the doors open. The girls face the ultimate decision: embrace their unlikely inheritance... or lay it, and their unanswered questions, to rest with their late father.

Parental Warning:  

The Ontario Film Review Board has classified this movie as 18A – “Suitable for viewing by persons 18 years of age and older.  Persons under 18 may attend but must be accompanied by an adult.  May contain:  explicit violence, frequent coarse language, sexual activity and/or horror.”

Please note that because the movie is for a short-run, it was rated by the board based on a description but without having being seen by the review board. As a result, the rating is likely more stringent than it would be if it had been screened. But having it screened would have cost significantly more money.

A parent’s personal review: Aside from the obvious nudity, there are adult situations & mature themes (smoking, drinking and drunken behaviour), language including multiple uses of the f-word, and sexuality (kissing, touching and off-screen/implied sexual acts).

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
+1 (905) 473-6060

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bare Bistro - Now Open Daily

As of the Victoria Day weekend, the Bare Bistro is open 7 days a week again. The weekday host this year is Sabina. (pictured above) Weekday hours are 11 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. except for Friday when they are open until 8 p.m. On weekends and holidays, the Bare Bistro continues to offer extended hours that include breakfast.

As announced last year, Liz has continued to operate the Bare Bistro. Her friendly disposition and passion for quality food is very much appreciated by both members and visitors. As I'm sure you read last year, she even got positive reviews from the Globe and Mail and blogTO.

For this season, Liz has brought in a couple of new quality beer suppliers. Amsterdam Brewery, a Toronto based brewery, is supplying Natural Blonde Lager, Big Wheel (amber), 86 the calories (low calorie, light beer), KLB (Kawartha Lakes Brewing Co.) Raspberry Wheat Beer, and Nut Brown Ale (Smooth Dark Ale). McClelland Premium Imports is supplying a number of imported beers from Belgium and Austria. This includes Affligem Abbey Blond, Duvel, Erdinger Weissbier -Bavarian Wheat ale, Erdinger Weissbier "Dunkel" (Dark), Bavarian Wheat Beer, Fruili (Belgian White Beer and Pure Strawberries), Stiegl (100% barley malt. lager brewed in Austria) and Erdinger (Non-Alcoholic, isotonic drink free of chemical additives, fat & cholesterol, yet still has the distinctive, sparkling flavour of a wheat beer). Be careful, the Belgians like to brew strong beers!  As high as high as 8.5% alcohol!!

For hours and menu, visit:

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bare Oaks on CBC

Naturism and Bare Oaks was the topic on the Friday May 27th edition of Q on CBC radio. Listen to the podcast version at:

The naturist segment begins about 7 minutes into the show.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes will start this Saturday, May 28th and continue throughout the summer. They will take place in our freshened up Outback building in the Yogi Bare Studio.

The classes are being organized independently by Nikki Lafrance who is also the instructor.  She is offering 3 one hour classes a week: Tuesday's class is gentle(1-2pm), Thursday's class is fun(8-9pm), and Saturday's class is energetic(11:30-12:30pm). The Daily Drop-In fee is $14 or you can purchase a 6 class package for $65. You can pay her directly or through the Bare Oaks office.

Nikki is a nurturing and compassionate teacher working towards her 200hr Teaching Certificate. She'd like to remind you that yoga is extremely beneficial for overall wellness and you can have fun no matter what fitness level you may be at!

Disclaimer: The yoga classes are provided by an independent individual. Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park only coordinates the arrangement and is not responsible for the service provided.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Pool is OPEN, Volleyball at 2pm

This afternoon, the York Region Department of Health Inspector has given us the green light to announce that the pool is open!!

Since we've been heating it all week, the water is at a very comfortable 29ºC (84ºF). And with the sun finally shining on the solar collectors, expect that to keep climbing!

Also, the volleyball aficionados in the park have decided that every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm is volleyball time. Everyone is welcome to join in!  Don't know how to play?  That's OK, they'll happily teach you.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Annoying Bare Oaks Website

OK, that talking head that popped up every time we loaded the front page was getting annoying.

Plus some people complained that the unexpected voice at work was embarrassing – good point.

So we've revamped the page so that our spokesperson now walks on quietly carrying a sign that says "click to play video".  When you do, then you get the discourse – but you've had fair warning.

So you no longer have to be afraid to load the web page while in your cubicle at work.

P.S. It only works if your system supports Flash. So it won't work on many phones ...or the iPad or iPhone because Steve Jobs doesn't like Flash.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Volunteer Day - CANCELLED

sad Pictures, Images and Photos

Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel Saturday's Volunteer Day due to the weather forecast.

All of the projects for this year were outdoors. Given the almost certainty of a large amount of rain in the forecast, it had become obvious that most projects would not be able to proceed. So the decision was made to cancel the event.

Thank you to everyone who was planning to volunteer!  We are considering rescheduling to later in the season.

Note: As soon as the decision to cancel was made on Thursday afternoon, we posted it to the Twitter feed, on our Facebook page, and sent an email to the blog subscribers. Unfortunately, it was not possible to add a blog entry until Friday afternoon because Google's Blogger Service was having technical problems.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Status Updates via Twitter

Occasionally, people have come to Bare Oaks and been disappointed because one of the amenities is unavailable due to maintenance issues. While we usually post notices in the clubhouse, you can't see that until you get there. So we needed a better solution. In this age of technology and instant communications, there are many options. The Bare Oaks Blog is best suited to important announcement and news items. We don't want to overwhelm everybody with a large number of minor blog postings. And not everyone wants to subscribe to another email list. So we've decided to use Twitter to provide status updates.

The short messages you get on Twitter (maximum 140 characters) are quick to read. Plus you can get Twitter updates (a.k.a "tweets") online, via email, or on your phone.

So subscribe to our Twitter feed for status updates, notices of new blog posts, and event reminders.

Follow BareOaksPark on Twitter

Monday, 2 May 2011

Pocket Towel

Zippered storage pocket
We've had a steady number of requests at the Bare Boutique for a pocket towel to carry keys, money, etc...  (Because as textiles love to point out, we naturists have no pockets!) Variations on the pockets towels have been sold in the past by the FQN, FCN and, most recently, the Nudist Store. Unfortunately, none of these options are still available.

Then last fall, we found this incredibly functional towel. It took the pocket towel well beyond what anyone had seen before!

Slides over back of chair
Folds into a bag
So we brought in 10 towels to gauge the interest. And they sold out within a week! Since then we have brought in 2 more small shipments and sold most of them too. That's impressive given how little traffic the store gets in the fall and winter. As a result we made sure we had a more significant inventory for the upcoming summer season.

The one difference is that the latest model we carry is terry cloth instead of velour. It is identical in every way except that the price is $10 less. And customers have told us that they prefer the weight, feel, and absorbency of terry towelling.

Pocket Towel Features:

Pockets on the sides
  • Folds into a multifunctional beach bag
  • Terry Towelling finish
  • 213 cm (84") long - 100% terry towel cotton
  • Top pocket slides securely over back of lounge chair
  • Three pockets either side
  • Separate iPod/MP3 player pocket with loops
  • Zippered storage pocket
  • Ties to secure to the lounge chair

Embroidery Option
The towel is available with a 10cm x 12cm Bare Oaks logo embroidered in a complimentary colour on the bottom zippered pocket for $9 more. Please note that this option adds about a week to the delivery time. 

You can also have your name embroidered on the towel for an additional $4. That way there will not be any confusion as to which towel belongs to you. Like the logo embroidery, this option will add about a week to delivery time. 

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Used Trailers for sale

There is a great demand for trailer sites at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. There 14 members on the waiting list for a year-round campsite.

But rest assured that we will continue to keep 25 sites for short-term use. That way, everyone gets a chance to spend a weekend or their vacation at the park.

But if you want a year-round campsite, there are ways to get there faster.

(1) Members who take an unserviced spot (no water, no electricity) get priority on the waiting list.

(2) Members who buy an existing used trailer with a campsite through the office get to keep the site. There are a few trailers currently for sale. We expect a few more to become available in the next month. There are several ways to keep track of what is for sale:
(3) Finally, we occasionally make a larger, premium site available to the first person who purchases a new trailer through one of our preferred trailer dealers. That situation has just presented itself with site #105 in Helios Circle. It is a large site with year-round water, sewer connection and 100 amp electrical service. It is currently occupied by a unit that will be leaving. The site is available to the first person who commits to purchasing a new, peak-roofed, park model trailer from one of our preferred trailer dealers. If you are interested, please contact the office.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Drinking Water

Our water is drinkable!

Until now, we could not say that our water was safe for drinking. That's despite the fact that it was filtered, chlorinated, and tested daily for adequate chlorine & weekly for lack of pathogens. Since the Walkerton tragedy of E. Coli contamination in May 2000 that lead to 7 deaths and thousand of illnesses, the regulations for drinking water have become incredibly rigorous in Ontario. (some say excessively so)

But after several years of work and many thousands of dollars in expenses, we now meet the regulations! So rest assured that you can safely drink the water at Bare Oaks. Two wells supply water into our treatment and distribution equipment. The system is registered and inspected by the government and must meets very strict standards. The water is filtered, disinfected with UV light, chlorinated and tested daily for adequate chlorine. Further tests are conducted periodically, by an independent laboratory, to ensure the absence of a multitude of biological and chemical substances. The system was designed and certified by an engineer. Finally, it is operated and monitored by people who have been trained and accredited.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Video Tour


We have introduced a video tour of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. A TV with 4 headphones has been installed in the office to show the video to visitors.

There are many reasons for the video:

  1. Do a better, more consistent job of giving a tour
  2. Provide a more complete look at the park and its activities regardless of weather or season
  3. Include information about the philosophy behind naturism
  4. Give tours to everyone – in the last two years, we have been getting so many visitors that we just didn't have the staff to give a tour to everyone
  5. Stop touring clothed people around the park – we have received a number of complaints about this. One person said it best: "it is starting to feel like a zoo and we're the animals on display"

Of course, you don't just have to be a visitor. Everyone is welcome to view the video. Just stop by the office and ask!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Theatre Au Naturel

On the penultimate day of Toronto's Fashion Week, the fashionable thing to wear to the Theatre Passe Muraille was your birthday suit.

Thursday night's clothing-optional performance was a great success with a near-capacity audience of 133. The majority of crowd enjoyed the show clothes-free. Maev Beaty and Erin Shields, the performers and co-creators of the production who spend most of the show nude on stage, also enjoyed the event.  After the show, they both commented that it "felt like a special event" and that they were "very excited for this performance." Erin added that "it was just wonderful… just people really generous… sitting there… enjoying the show… naked!" They were interviewed for the May episode of the Naturist Living Show and an upcoming article in Going Natural Magazine.

The show itself was excellent. Montparnasse has generally received good reviews. J. Kelly Nestruck of the Globe and Mail commented that "Montparnasse's chief pleasure comes from the well-honed stage chemistry between Beaty and Shields". The Torontoist said that the production "is an effective showcase for its two versatile performers, full of witty writing and beautiful moments, and to be commended for its attention to detail, both historical and topical." In Now Toronto, Glenn Sumi concluded that "the chief reason for visiting this Montparnasse, however, are the two actors, who slip into and out of their colourful characters as quickly, comfortably and confidently as they doff their clothes."

Unfortunately, the show only runs for about two weeks. Saturday April 2nd is the last performance.

The Globe and Mail published an article about this particular "theatre in the buff" performance where J. Kelly Nestruck commented that it was the first time he had "heard of a theatre inviting naturists to a special performance and – while I'm not entirely sure of the legality of it – why the heck not?"

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Volunteer Day – Saturday May 14th

Volunteer Day!
Saturday May 14, 2011
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Everyone is welcome! Lunch will be provided, free of charge, for all volunteers.

Non-members who volunteer will not be charged any day fees. (please register at the office)

We really appreciate the multitude of people willing to give up their time to make Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park a better place. While there are many people volunteering all year, this is the day we set aside for a massive volunteer effort to get things ready for the season. We are told that it is also a fun day that many people look forward to. There will be projects suitable for all abilities and levels of ambition.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Clothes-free theatre! Thursday, March 31st

This performance is reserved for naturists and the audience will be NUDE!

Just $20/person ($10 discount)

This is the story that reveals the naked truth.

Theatre Passe Muraille is enchanté to be home to the next stage of development for the SummerWorks smash hit, Montparnasse. Exposing us to the artists of the time, such as Jules Pascin, Henry Miller, Sylvia Beech, Kiki de Montparnasse, Chaim Soutine and the muses who inspired them, Montparnasse invites you to peek behind the canvas and discover the clandestine world of nude models in 1920s Paris. As Amelia & Margaret leave Canada to enter a world brimming with Bohemian writers and artists, they are engulfed by their desire for truth, passion and power.

Click here for the Facebook Event

Please note: For the March 31st performance, clothing is optional while in the theatre. The lobby is a shared space and because of this people must remain clothed while in it. The bar is located in the theatre space, meaning refreshments and libations are available without leaving the theatre.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Memberships due April 1

Spring is here, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, the sun's rays are getting stronger, and there's almost no snow left. That also means that memberships and site fees are almost due. Invoices were sent out in November with an April 1st due date. If you have not received an invoice, please contact the office immediately to ensure uninterrupted access.

As always, we take payments in a variety of methods and offer a monthly payment plan. If you have other problems or concerns, please contact us. We would be happy to try and work out alternatives.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Where to Eat Naked in Toronto

Last year, members and visitors found Liz to be their favorite operator of the Bare Bistro to date. But it sees to be true for the media too!  First it was the restaurant review by Ian Brown in the Globe and Mail. Today, there is an article in blogTO.

In their own words, "blogTO is a web site about Toronto written by a group of obsessed artists, musicians, photographers, politicos, advertising and media types, dancers, tech geeks, food lovers, aspiring film directors, fashionistas and people for the ethical treatment of animals." The website is popular with urban youth in Toronto and has 500,000 unique users and 2,100,000 page views per month.

It's funny that our restaurant is such a fascination to the textile world!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Over 100,000 podcast downloads!

The Naturist Living Show has exceeded 100, 000 downloads (not hits or impressions) of the show! And that number to continues to grow every day and the rate of growth is also increasing. Here are a few facts about the podcast:

  • It is audio-only so only true naturists or those genuinely interested in naturism listen (we don't get downloads of the show from people just looking for nudity because there are no pictures)
  • Each download is many megabytes in size and the show is nearly an hour long so the involvement level is very high. (it's not just a 'hit' or 'impression')
  • Unlike a radio or TV show, the podcasts are available forever. Even the oldest episode is still growing in listenership as new people discover the show and catch up on the older episodes. 
  • While there are no specific demographics available, the audience is obviously technologically savvy which suggests that they are well-educated and younger.
  • There are listeners from around the world. (18% Canada, 39% USA, 26% Europe, & 17% other)
The show website is at: You listen on your computer at this website or you can subscribe to the Naturists Living Show with:


Other podcasting software:

To get notified by email whenever there is a new episode of the show, click here.

If you subscribe to the Bare Oaks Twitter feed or the Facebook page, you'll get notifications of new episodes there too!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Discounts and Events

Early Payment Discount

February 1st is the deadline for the 2011 early payment discount. You can save up to $67.00.  The discount is 2% for paying two months early. That's the equivalent of a 12% annual interest rate!  Try to get that from your bank.

Upcoming Events

It may be winter but there are still lots of events happening. February 5th is the second Euchre night organized by the Bare Bistro and February 12th is the Valentine's Day Dinner and Dance. Plus the Ontario Roaming Bares and the Newmarket Nature Bares continue to organize swims; January 29th (wave pool), February 12th, and February 19th.

Check out the Bare Oaks event calendar at
which includes the ORB and NNB calendars too.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Constitutional Challenge

The Federation of Canadian Naturist (FCN) just sent out the following announcement which is important to all naturists in Canada:
The final court date of the Coldin trial has been rescheduled to May 17th in Bracebridge. Originally scheduled for today (Jan. 25) in Bracebridge, the hearing could not proceed because Mr. Coldin's lawyer, Clayton Ruby, was unable to attend due to car troubles on his way to the trial.
For naturists and those interested in legal affairs, this last day should be the most interesting since Mr. Ruby and the crown will be making constitutional arguments as to the validity of section 174 of the criminal code. That is the portion of the act which criminalizes mere nudity. (not to be confused with section 173 which makes indecent acts illegal) Anyone interested in listening to these arguments should put May 17th on their calendar. The hearing starts at 10 a.m. in the Bracebridge Courthouse. (3 Dominion St. N. in Bracebridge, Ontario)
Listen to an interesting discussion of the issues from CBC's The Current at:
This is an important trial because it has the potential to change the law on nudity. If the court decides that nudity is not harmful, it could make section 174 of the criminal code (nude in public) invalid because, with no harm, there is no reason to put such a restriction on the personal freedom of self-expression.
Brian Coldin is charged with several counts of nudity in the Bracebridge area. Mr. Coldin denies going through any drive-through while nude but readily admitted to regularly walking in the parkland adjoining his property while wearing only sandals. He is represented by Clayton Ruby, a well-known constitutional lawyer. Mr. Ruby is going ahead with the constitutional challenge to section 174 despite the fact that the evidence so far might be enough to acquit Mr. Coldin.
This is the 6th day of hearings in a case that started on September 27. On the 2nd day of the trial, Mr. Ruby called Stephane Deschenes, director in the Federation of Canadian Naturist, to testify about the naturist philosophy. The court certified Mr. Deschenes as an expert witness in the field of naturism. Mr. Ruby also called Dr. Ronald Langevin as an expert witness in sexual offenders and their victims. He testified that adults or children who are exposed to nudity do not suffer any psychological harm. While he agreed that people who see nudity unexpectedly might experience shock, embarrassment and even be offended, he indicated that there was no evidence that those people would suffer any permanent psychological harm. He added that nudity is generally well accepted in society as evidenced by media, nude beaches, and the gay pride parade. While different people's reaction to nudity would vary greatly given that Canada is a multi-cultural society, Dr. Langevin was adamant that nobody would suffer any psychological harm.
Dr. Ronald Langevin has been studying sexual offenders and their victims for over 40 years. In preparation for this trial, he reviewed 195 scholarly studies as well as his own personal database of over 3,000 offenders. Dr. Langevin put special emphasis on a 1995 study by Dr. Paul Okami at the University of California, Los Angeles. The study concluded that children who are exposed to nudity do not suffer any harm. 
Dr. Langevin was also very specific that nudism/naturism is not exhibitionism. Sexual arousal is key to exhibitionism as a sexual disorder. The scholarly research he reviewed clearly indicated that naturists/nudists are not motivated by sexuality. In fact, Dr. Langevin recalled that he dealt with two "genital exhibitionists" who had tried nudism/naturism but did not like it. But he also added that even in cases of simple genital exhibitionism there was no evidence of psychological harm to the victims. 
The Federation of Canadian Naturists supports the decriminalization of mere nudity. It is ridiculous that the simple exposure of our natural body (such as being nude in your backyard or seen through your house's window) could result in a criminal charge. Casual nudity should not be in the same league as theft, robbery, assault and murder.
It is important to note that indecent acts are covered under a separate section of the criminal code. As such, there would still be ample room to charge exhibitionists and other sexual deviants.

 If you don't get the FCN's announcements, you can subscribe to their email list here.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Exploitation of Naturists

The latest episode of the Naturist Living Show is all about how we have been, and continue to be, exploited. From the very beginning of naturism/nudism, there have been people who have exploited naturists and nudists. They go against the very core values of our movement. They objectify our bodies and sexualize our activities. They turn our philosophy into a source of personal gain. (money, sex, power, pride, etc...)  Some of them even pander to deviants but conceal themselves beneath the cloak of legitimacy that naturism provides.

All too often, we have been willing participants. The exploiters use our tolerance and open-mindedness against us. They can infect a club and twist the definition of naturism to suit their purposes. They tempt us with the money that many clubs and naturist organizations are always short of. Because naturists are intelligent, they understand that life is not black & white so some compromise is sometimes necessary. But those small concessions can lead to a very slippery slope.

Sadly, the exploiters also hurt us and our purpose. While the internet has made it easier for naturists to spread our message, it has also been a boon for the exploiters. The result is that a search for naturism will quickly result in a plethora of pornographic images. But those are not the worst websites. The truly insidious ones are those that claim to be naturist/nudist but only use the moniker to legitimize what they do.

A simple search for "nudist family", which should be one of the most wholesome of concepts, generates results that include many websites with extensive photo galleries and video collections. While it is important to illustrate naturism, why would anyone who participates or is interested in naturism want to pay for access to a website that features "153,020 Naked Pictures" and "1,125 Naked Videos." Ironically, this website calls itself "pure nudism" and is the number one result in Google using that search term.

Another website proudly announces that it has 207 videos for sale. These videos cost between $60 and $95 each. Based on the still images that they have selected to represent each video, we conclude that most of them prominently feature children. The descriptions contain information such as "Yoga, naturist-style, females only." Why would any naturist care that the video features only a specific gender? Another video's description states that "these beautiful teens frolic in the river, pick flowers in the field, camp in the woods, sing and dance, and give each other massages." Does that sound like a description that is meant to appeal to naturists? Among their most popular titles are several "junior miss" and "teen" beauty pageants.

When the general public investigates naturism, either because they are interested or suspicious, they find these sites that appear to be naturist/nudist. And as they read on, they quickly realize that the websites are simply selling flesh. They read between the lines and understand that the people behind these businesses are no different then Hugh Hefner,  Bob Guccione, or Larry Flynt; they are making money by objectifying people's bodies on behalf of those who are looking for lecherous entertainment. Thus they may dismiss naturism as just another tool for sexual exploitation instead of what it really is – an antitheses to pornography.

It is not my suggestion that we should avoid photography, film or video. The human body is beautiful. Why turn it into something shameful? To naturists, nude pictures are just as normal as any other pictures. We need those images to illustrate the beauty and wholesomeness of the naturist philosophy. But we must also be judicious in who we allow to use our images, who we recognize as authentic, and what message we convey through the use of those images.

I am also not suggesting that the adult entertainment industry should be banned. We live in a free society where each one of us has the right to choose their path. But we must speak out against those who corrupt the concept of naturism for profit. We cannot tolerate anyone who uses naturism in a deceptive manner. We must be vociferous defenders of the ethics that are fundamental to our naturist creed.