Sunday, 13 February 2011

Over 100,000 podcast downloads!

The Naturist Living Show has exceeded 100, 000 downloads (not hits or impressions) of the show! And that number to continues to grow every day and the rate of growth is also increasing. Here are a few facts about the podcast:

  • It is audio-only so only true naturists or those genuinely interested in naturism listen (we don't get downloads of the show from people just looking for nudity because there are no pictures)
  • Each download is many megabytes in size and the show is nearly an hour long so the involvement level is very high. (it's not just a 'hit' or 'impression')
  • Unlike a radio or TV show, the podcasts are available forever. Even the oldest episode is still growing in listenership as new people discover the show and catch up on the older episodes. 
  • While there are no specific demographics available, the audience is obviously technologically savvy which suggests that they are well-educated and younger.
  • There are listeners from around the world. (18% Canada, 39% USA, 26% Europe, & 17% other)
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