Saturday, 30 April 2011

Used Trailers for sale

There is a great demand for trailer sites at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. There 14 members on the waiting list for a year-round campsite.

But rest assured that we will continue to keep 25 sites for short-term use. That way, everyone gets a chance to spend a weekend or their vacation at the park.

But if you want a year-round campsite, there are ways to get there faster.

(1) Members who take an unserviced spot (no water, no electricity) get priority on the waiting list.

(2) Members who buy an existing used trailer with a campsite through the office get to keep the site. There are a few trailers currently for sale. We expect a few more to become available in the next month. There are several ways to keep track of what is for sale:
(3) Finally, we occasionally make a larger, premium site available to the first person who purchases a new trailer through one of our preferred trailer dealers. That situation has just presented itself with site #105 in Helios Circle. It is a large site with year-round water, sewer connection and 100 amp electrical service. It is currently occupied by a unit that will be leaving. The site is available to the first person who commits to purchasing a new, peak-roofed, park model trailer from one of our preferred trailer dealers. If you are interested, please contact the office.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Drinking Water

Our water is drinkable!

Until now, we could not say that our water was safe for drinking. That's despite the fact that it was filtered, chlorinated, and tested daily for adequate chlorine & weekly for lack of pathogens. Since the Walkerton tragedy of E. Coli contamination in May 2000 that lead to 7 deaths and thousand of illnesses, the regulations for drinking water have become incredibly rigorous in Ontario. (some say excessively so)

But after several years of work and many thousands of dollars in expenses, we now meet the regulations! So rest assured that you can safely drink the water at Bare Oaks. Two wells supply water into our treatment and distribution equipment. The system is registered and inspected by the government and must meets very strict standards. The water is filtered, disinfected with UV light, chlorinated and tested daily for adequate chlorine. Further tests are conducted periodically, by an independent laboratory, to ensure the absence of a multitude of biological and chemical substances. The system was designed and certified by an engineer. Finally, it is operated and monitored by people who have been trained and accredited.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Video Tour


We have introduced a video tour of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. A TV with 4 headphones has been installed in the office to show the video to visitors.

There are many reasons for the video:

  1. Do a better, more consistent job of giving a tour
  2. Provide a more complete look at the park and its activities regardless of weather or season
  3. Include information about the philosophy behind naturism
  4. Give tours to everyone – in the last two years, we have been getting so many visitors that we just didn't have the staff to give a tour to everyone
  5. Stop touring clothed people around the park – we have received a number of complaints about this. One person said it best: "it is starting to feel like a zoo and we're the animals on display"

Of course, you don't just have to be a visitor. Everyone is welcome to view the video. Just stop by the office and ask!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Theatre Au Naturel

On the penultimate day of Toronto's Fashion Week, the fashionable thing to wear to the Theatre Passe Muraille was your birthday suit.

Thursday night's clothing-optional performance was a great success with a near-capacity audience of 133. The majority of crowd enjoyed the show clothes-free. Maev Beaty and Erin Shields, the performers and co-creators of the production who spend most of the show nude on stage, also enjoyed the event.  After the show, they both commented that it "felt like a special event" and that they were "very excited for this performance." Erin added that "it was just wonderful… just people really generous… sitting there… enjoying the show… naked!" They were interviewed for the May episode of the Naturist Living Show and an upcoming article in Going Natural Magazine.

The show itself was excellent. Montparnasse has generally received good reviews. J. Kelly Nestruck of the Globe and Mail commented that "Montparnasse's chief pleasure comes from the well-honed stage chemistry between Beaty and Shields". The Torontoist said that the production "is an effective showcase for its two versatile performers, full of witty writing and beautiful moments, and to be commended for its attention to detail, both historical and topical." In Now Toronto, Glenn Sumi concluded that "the chief reason for visiting this Montparnasse, however, are the two actors, who slip into and out of their colourful characters as quickly, comfortably and confidently as they doff their clothes."

Unfortunately, the show only runs for about two weeks. Saturday April 2nd is the last performance.

The Globe and Mail published an article about this particular "theatre in the buff" performance where J. Kelly Nestruck commented that it was the first time he had "heard of a theatre inviting naturists to a special performance and – while I'm not entirely sure of the legality of it – why the heck not?"