Saturday, 7 April 2012

"Naked, With Children" Brouhaha

Globe and Mail article by Aviva Rubin

On April 1st, Toronto Blogger Aviva Rubin wrote an article in the New York Times about how they are casually nude in their home with their children.

Apparently she was unprepared for the intense reaction she received. In a follow-up column in today's Globe and Mail she explains how she is "used to my parents providing advice and constructive criticism on my parenting methods – whether I agree or not, they've earned the right to weigh in. But it seems that putting “Naked with Children” in public gave the whole world that right."

I've posted a comment from a naturist's point of view.  Since the G&M lists them by default based on the number of "thumbs up", please feel free to give it one if you agree: