Friday, 31 May 2013

Invitation to participate in a performance

An interesting message we received:

From: john oswald []
Date: May 27, 2013 8:35:26 PM EDT
Subject: a special event on June 27th (one month from now)


I'm contacting various naturist communities in and near Toronto, in hopes that many of your members and participants will be especially interested in an event that will happen in downtown Toronto on the evening of Thursday June 27th.

I'm an artist (and have received some recognition as such, being a Governor General's Laureate, etc.) who on occasion puts together performances involving large groups of people.

The event shown below, at the historic Carlu event space, involved over a hundred performers, some nude, some clothed, along with life-size projections of other people:

Paul Rapoport, who many of you know (former editor of Going Natural magazine), was involved in that event, and in other art works i've created.

For the event on the 27th, i'm looking for 100 nude people (footwear optional) to take part in one 10-15 minute event scheduled near sunset, in a secluded outdoor location in downtown Toronto— the final location is still being discussed.

A participant will only be required to walk slowly a few metres from 'offstage' to 'onstage' to join the others in the group, and then to walk slowly forward towards the audience.

This will take place as part of ArtSpin, a monthly summer event in which hundreds of art lovers ride together from location to location to see and hear special works and performances.

I try to get representation from all walks of life, including age, gender, and ethnicity in my human gatherings. I am particularly encouraging families to participate (although toddlers and small children, who are not able to be self-directed won't be appropriate for this event).

I hope that participants in your group will be eager to be part of this event. There will be a very, very small honorarium for each participant.

I see the event as an opportunity for naturists to meet an interested and sympathetic group of people who attend ArtSpin. This performance will be a respectful, beautiful, and i think you will find emotional 'ritual', which we will all long remember and cherish.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

John Oswald