Friday, 6 September 2013

Looking for Cast Members to Perform the Vagina Monologues on the Nude Cruise

The Vagina Monologues cast has been invited to perform their piece on the Bare Necessities cruise in February! All performers have been offered a free cruise.* Sadly, one of the cast members will be in school, so the ladies are holding open auditions for Bare Oaks members next Tuesday, September 10th at 7:30pm in the Outback.

People looking to audition should have:
  • a 2 minute piece prepared to read
  • be ok with having their full name and photo present in the cruise program
  • be available for the cruise: February 9-16, 2013
*Note that transportation to Ft.Lauderdale, gratuity, and port taxes are not included.

Last Weekend for the Pool

As many people have noticed, the water in the pool in August was unusually cold. A leak in a pipe meant that we were unable to use the solar heating system. Because the leak was located below the concrete deck, a repair would have meant rendering the pool inaccessible for the remainder of the season. Rather than do that, we opted to keep it open without heat. Now that Labour Day has come and gone, it is time for us do make repairs. As such, the pool will be closing for the season effective Monday, September 9th. We apologize for this premature closing. But with the water being so cold, we assume most people won't miss it too much.

Of course, the lake remains open for swimming – all year long if you are tough enough to brave the water in the colder weather.

Monday, 2 September 2013

A Bare Cake

From July 7th to 14th, British Naturism held their 7th Nudefest at Newperran Holiday Park in Newquay, U.K. During their celebration they presented this special cake to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the International Naturist Federation (INF). Of course, everyone was in their birthday suits for the occasion! A special celebration is also being held at the CHM Montalivet, the actual site where the INF was founded in 1953, from September 20th to 22nd. From Bare Oaks, Nikki and St├ęphane will be attending to participate in the celebrations.

A little history about the INF from the INF:
Naturism has a long history dating back to the 1800s and grew in differing ways in differing countries.  Following the unfortunate events in the 1940s there began a trend for groups of various countries to get together either for sports events or meeting to discuss common themes. The largest of these was titled as a “World Congress” and was held in September 1951 at North Kent Club England with an International Conference of Naturist Organisations at the Cora Hotel in London. Seven different countries were represented. In some cases these were national associations, in others they were individual clubs or commercial establishments. 
A second meeting was held in August 1952 at Thielle in Switzerland, this time attended by representatives of 16 countries and they agreed to the wisdom of establishing a world movement with an organisation to promote and encourage naturism. This meeting appointed three people who would draft a set of rules for such a body and this task was undertaken by Albert LeCocq of France, Dorothy Thornton from England and Erhard Wachtler from Germany. 
At what was now the third World Naturist Congress held 22 and 23 August 1953 in Centre Helio Marin Montalivet the suggested name of “world-union" had been proposed but after discussion the name “International Naturist Federation” was chosen. This enabled the title INF-FNI to encompass the name in the three languages agreed to be the working languages of the INF.  These being German, English and French. 
The statutes were agreed and the International Naturist Federation was born. The first President was Dr Richard Ehrmann of Austria; Vice presidents were Albert Lecocq of France, Erhard Wachtler of Germany, Eduard Frankhauser of Switzerland and Dorothy Thornton of Gt. Britain.  The president appointed as his secretary Paul Neumann and as treasurer Ludwig Hruschka. 
A second INF World Congress was held the following year in Vienna before the now established pattern of a Congress every second year was established.