Friday, 4 October 2013

Bare Oaks “live” Productions

Bare Oaks members are formalizing a troupe that will be focused on producing live nude productions. We are looking for new members.

As a starting point, we want to:

  1. Solicit pieces that the troupe should review, for consideration
  2. Involve people who are interested in joining the troupe, as potential actor, director, production crew, other
  3. Get input on what we should formally call this group. (e.g.  Bare Oaks Live Theatre Troupe). We need this by Oct 15th, 2013. Submit your entries please. We need your creativity.

If you are interested in joining the troupe or have input to submit for consideration, please let me know via email at or calling 905-473-6465.

The goal is to get together monthly and read through a submitted piece, with the intent of assessing and selecting one or two pieces to produce per year (depending on demand).

Take a moment to call or email Suzy or Marc. We hope to hear from you.

Any questions or comments are welcome.