Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Body Liberation Pens

Bare Oaks Body Liberation Pens

Most people have heard of the classic tip and strip pen. It seemed like a fun thing to sell at Bare Oaks except that the popular version of the pen features people who look/pose like strippers. So we decided to commission our own version using an illustration by Australian artist Stephen Crowley (author of The Bare Pit, Loxie & Zoot and The Koala Bares). So instead of stripping the people, we are liberating their bodies from the oppression of textiles! Since there wasn't enough room for two people, we produced two versions - a woman and a man.

The pens are not a cheap Asian imports. They are made in Denmark by Eskesen A/S. The company was founded by Peder Eskesen in 1946 in a small basement. In the 1950's Esso asked Eskesen to produce a ballpoint pen with a small oil drum floating up and down in clear oil. (mineral oil is used instead of water for smooth action) That was the start of the "floating action pen" known as floaty pens or floaties.

According to a November 17, 1996 article by Mary Melton in the Los Angeles Times, the idea of an oil-filled pen wasn't new but what Peder Eskesen perfected was the sealing process so that the oil doesn't leak out. Even now, the technique is carefully guarded. It was never patented so they wouldn't have to reveal their secret.

Kim Rasmussen in Eskesen's marketing department says that the Tilt & Strip Pens were first produced around 1962. He is not sure why they were first produced. But they have been updated several times and remain a popular item.

Today 90% of the world's floaty pens are still produced by Eskesen. They are all made at the factory in St. Merløse on Zealand, Denmark; about 1 hour's drive from Copenhagen. Many of the pens have become collectors' items prized by the many admirers around the world.

You can get your own Bare Oaks floaty pen either in person at the Bare Boutique at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park or through our online store.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Jody Urquhart

The last Camping in Ontario convention was held in November at the The Rosseau Muskoka Resort. Our keynote speaker, Jody Urquhart, was fabulous. She entertained, inspired and motivated us. As the association's director that lives closest to Pearson International Airport, I volunteered to drive her back. So Jody could look forward to about 2 hours trapped in a van with Linda and me. She brought a newspaper so she would have something to do during the long trip. But she began by politely asking a bit about our campground. She soon learned of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park's unique nature. Her curiosity was piqued and her questions continued all the way to the airport. At one point, she took out her laptop and began furiously taking notes. The result was that she wrote about it in her blog and hopes to visit the park during a future trip to the area.

What this experience illustrates is that naturism is just as compelling today as it was a century ago. But it has to be presented completely; not just as a chance to run around naked. Yes, it is fun and liberating. But people need to understand why. When the ideals and benefits behind the movement are fully presented, the listener is much more likely to want to get over their fears and try naturism. But it must be described as the complete philosophy; not just an opportunity for casual nudity. See our page on Ethical Naturism.

You can read Jody's blog about Bare Oaks at:

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