Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Management changes

Karen has decided not to return for the 2014 season. After 5 years of dedicated service as the park manager, she felt that it was time to try something different. Since 2009, Karen has been a tireless supporter of the park. She survived many challenges during those years and lived through an enormous amount of change. We are very thankful for her consistent dedication, infinite enthusiasm, boundless energy and tenacious efforts. But she’s not leaving the park. She remains a passionate member so we will continue to benefit from her cheerful disposition and warm heart.

Nikki has agreed to take on the role of Operations Manager. It is great to see how much her skills have developed in the more than 6 years she has worked here. She was our first summer student in 2008. When she was featured in a Toronto Star article about working at Bare Oaks, her other employer expressed concern. But she decided that naturism was the right way and, fortunately for us, opted for working at Bare Oaks full-time during that summer. Naturism became a fierce passion of hers. She returned for successive seasons and, after she graduated, even worked part-time during the winter season. With each subsequent year, Nikki has accepted increased responsibilities with enthusiasm and grasped every opportunity to go beyond the tasks assigned to her. But it is in her people skills that she has really excelled. That's probably why Nikki has become such a popular yoga instructor. No need to worry, she's not giving that up!