Thursday, 28 July 2016

Rib Dinner by the Social Committee


Ribs, Chicken (pre order), Potato, Corn, Salad and Dessert

JULY 30 @ 6 PM

Eco Prize draw for everyone who brings a reusable table setting.

Cost $20 per person, $10 twelve and under, $50 per family


Tickets available at Office and Rainy and Greg’s site 227

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Video Extras Needed for Friday

We need people to participate as background for a music video being filmed at Bare Oaks on Friday.

If you are interested, please send an email to We want some diversity in the people so please include in your email:
- age
- gender
- the visible minority you identify with if any

Brendan Canning (founding member of Broken Social Scene) will release his third solo album Home Wrecking Years on August 12 – his first since 2013’s You Gots 2 Chill. The album features fellow Broken Social Scene members Justin Peroff and Sam Goldberg, as well as Liam O’Neil (Kings Of Leon, The Stills).

The first song on the album is called “Book it to Fresno” and the video will be shot and set at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

Please DO NOT come to participate without contacting us. We only need a limited number of people.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Yoga with Nikki

Nude Yoga at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
Nikki is back for the Summer with Yoga classes for any level yogi. Weather permitting, it will take place on the front lawn under a slice of shade. Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with yourself. The classes offer a balance of moments to challenge yourself and deep relaxation. When: Saturdays at 11am-noon, no class Aug 20th Commencing: July 16 Ending: September 3 Class price: $10 Mat Rental: $2
Please contact the office before attending to confirm availability as well as the time and date. Non-members must also register in the office before attending. Disclaimer: The yoga classes are provided by an independent individual. Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park only coordinates the arrangement and is not responsible for the service provided.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Water Quality in Lake Beamor

Yes, Lake Beamor is safe for swimming!

In addition to testing the well water every two weeks (which we must do by law) we also test the lake water occasionally. (which we are not required to do) We use SGS Canada Inc., an independent laboratory, to do all our water testing.

Bacteria level is measured in colony-forming units (cfu) per 100 mL. The E.Coli limit at which a swimming ban/notice is posted varies by jurisdiction. In Ontario, it is 100 cfu.  In Alberta, B.C., & Quebec, it is 200 cfu.  In our latest test, the E.Coli in the lake at Bare Oaks was 024 which is well below any limits. We also test for Coliform and that result was 036 which is also well below the limit. The samples were taken on July 12th. While the results are well below the levels that the government considers harmful, it is still higher than in other years. This is probably due to a lack of rainfall, an unusually low water level, a water temperature above average, and the presence of for more Canada Geese than usual. All of these factors would contribute to aggravating the bacteria levels.

The bacteria levels in Gymnos pond and Jarvis pond are MUCH higher as they are very small bodies of water. You should not swim in either of these ponds.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Hot Tub Down

The hot tub is down because the heater has failed.

Yes, you read that right. This is the heater that was replaced last fall under warranty for the THIRD time!!

We had announced that we would be installing a backup electrical heating unit. That is now a rush job. We are aiming to have that done within a week.

We are so sorry to disappoint you! 

(image from

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Entry Keyfob Transition

RFID access control gates to keep out the textiles

The equipment has finally arrived and we will be beginning the transition to the new access control system. Here are the key dates:

Friday July 8th

New keyfobs are available for purchase at the office

July 8th to 24th

The old system still works while members have two weeks to get their new keyfobs

Monday July 25th

The new access control system is activated and the new inbound gate near Kennedy is lowered. Access through the first gate is now only via:
  • New keyfob
  • By intercom during office hours

July 25th to September 5th

Members can return their old keyfob for a $10 credit on their account

IMPORTANT: Starting July 25th, members who have not acquired the new keyfobs will only be able to enter the park when the office is open. For continued 24/7 access you will need to get a new keyfob from the office between July 8 and 24. Starting on the July 25th, members who did not get a new keyfob will only have access during normal office hours.

The new system we are installing is by the Spanish company, Salto Systems. It is far more sophisticated than what we currently have. The new keyfobs will still be used to open the gates (both sets) and to get into the clubhouse after the office has closed. But in addition, it will be used to open the door of rented guestrooms or cabins. And as soon as we have integrated the systems, these new keyfobs will be used to charge things on account. (such as restaurant meals) Finally, it will also be used by team members to access restricted areas.

Of course, these new keyfobs are more expensive than the old ones. (and the price of the old keyfobs had not changed in more than a decade) So we will be charging $15 for each of the new keyfobs and it will be considered a sale not a deposit. These old system that we inherited, where the money paid for the keyfob was recorded a deposit, was cumbersome. From an accounting standpoint, we had to carry these deposits as a liability from one fiscal year to another. But additionally, we are now faced with returning deposits on keyfobs that are going into the garbage. But a deal is a deal. So you will be given a $10 credit on your account for each keyfob you return by September 5th. 

This has been a complex project! The gatehouse was designed by Ariane and built by Mike B. Our member mason, Ulli, spent several days doing the stone on the bottom half. Andrew did a lot of coordinating, assisting and wiring with help from Robbie. Several Bare Oaks team members also did key parts of the construction. The electrical was wired by Penn & McGuire Electric. The pad was done last year by South Simcoe Contracting. Gates were supplied and installed by Key West Gates. The cameras were done by Michael Sheridan Communications. The ethernet bridge is by RDJ Technology Solutions. Phones and intercom were by High Tech Communications. Finally, the Salto RFID system is being installed and configured by ITC Systems.