Friday, 21 April 2017

Summer Water is ON!

Showering outside at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

The summer water system has been successfully disinfected and flushed so all campsites now have access to potable water.

The toilets in the Beckett Circle comfort station are working. But the indoor showers are being renovated because we discovered that several of the walls were rotting. We thought that they would be open by now but some of the parts are coming from Europe so it is taking longer than expected to receive them.

But the outdoor showers are working!  Of course, the temperature is a bit cool in the morning even with lots of nice hot water coming out. So if it is too cold outside for you, the showers in the clubhouse are your best option.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Trailer Storage at Bare Oaks

Scene from Unashamed movie (1938)

Success is a wonderful thing but it can also create some challenges. As many people know, demand for camping space has exceeded supply for several years. For visitors we keep 25 serviced campsites open for short-term use. But for people who want to keep a trailer here on a long-term basis, there has essentially been no availability for years.

This has led to people trying to find ways around our rules. At first, people started booking 8 week "vacations" or every weekend in July and August. So to keep things fair, we had to limit the amount of short-term booking time and institute a rule that people must be occupying their trailer every night if they were booking our transient campsites.

Then some folks asked us if they could store their trailer between reservations. Initially it was only a few people for a short period of time. But last year, there were so many trailers being stored in Glen Echo field that it sometimes looked more like a parking lot than a field. People who were actually camping there began to complain.

So this year, we will no longer provide trailer storage. There will not be any exception because if we do, everyone will expect it.

Of course, doing this will result in lost revenue. But it's about being fair to everyone and looking out for what is best for Bare Oaks overall.

We do understand that pulling a trailer regularly can be challenging and expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of storage places within a few kilometres of Bare Oaks:

Doan Road Storage (7km away)
1825 Doane Rd, Queensville, ON L0G 1R0
(905) 478-8867

Squirrel Storage (9km away)
19 Albert St, Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0
(289) 879-6887

Green Storage (11km away)
122 Bales Dr E, Newmarket, ON L3Y 4X1
(905) 853-4934

Apple Self Storage (12km away)
31 W Bales Dr, Sharon, ON L0G 1V0
(905) 715-7009

Please note that these listings are provided for your convenience. They are not recommendations or endorsements. We have no relationship with these business and have not scrutinized them in any way. Caveat emptor!

Photo: From the movie "Unashamed" (1938)

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Volunteer Day 2017 & World Naked Gardening Day

Naturist Volunteers
It's time again for our annual volunteer day. While there are many people volunteering all year, this is the day we set aside for a massive volunteer effort to get things ready for the season. We are told that it is also a fun day that many people look forward to. A big thank you to the multitude of people willing to give up their time to make Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park a better place.

Volunteer Day -  Saturday May 6, 2017

It's also World Naked Gardening Day so expect many of the volunteer activities to follow that theme!

10am to 3pm

  • Everyone is welcome! Lunch will be provided, free of charge, for all volunteers by the Bare Bistro.
  • Jobs vary from light gardening to construction. A little something for every skill level. There will be projects suitable for all abilities and levels of ambition.
  • Annual Members meeting runs downstairs from 4-5:30. Come along and hear what's new this year and have your voice heard.
  • Non-members who volunteer will not be charged any day fees. (please register at the office)

4pm to 5:30pm – Members' Meeting

All members are invited to come and get an update on what's happening at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and ask questions.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Problem with Some Swingers

What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home/trailer/tent is generally not our concern. We try to be open-minded and tolerant of the various ways that people choose to live. But when people do things that negatively impact the experience of our visitors and members, we have to get involved.

Because they don't know the reality, the general public assumes that our movement is about sexuality. We have been fighting that assumption for nearly a century. But it persists and it is a key misconception that keeps people away.

When a new visitor comes to Bare Oaks, it is with the expectation that it will be an opportunity to get away from the hyper-sexualization and objectification of mainstream society. Yet they often still maintain some apprehension which makes them very sensitive to any hints that what we claim is not true.

So it only takes one person to speak about their fetish around the campfire or a casual invitation in the hot tub to make a new person very uncomfortable. When they hear it from one person, they start to suspect everyone. Once suspicious, they question everyone's motives and it becomes difficult for them to just relax and enjoy themselves.

It happened a few times last year and there are two couples who are not returning because of it. But the reality may be much higher because those are only the people we have heard about.

What is worse is when people spread false information about Bare Oaks as one deceitful individual did. They posted a recruitment ad on Craigslist. One of our members saw the ad, contacted them, and found out that they advanced some absurd propaganda. (you can read the email here) Certainly there are a few couples at the park who identify as "lifestylers". But most of them are very respectful of our policies.

Our policy, as stated in the Member & Visitor Agreement that everyone gets, is that people:
  • will not partake in any overt sexual behaviour,
  • will not try to recruit or invite anyone for a sexual activity, and
  • will not promote – either internally or externally – any sexual activities at Bare Oaks.
  • will let us know immediately if they witness or experience any of the above.
So if you observe or experience anything that makes you uncomfortable, please report it to the office immediately. We need your help to maintain our authentic naturist environment.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Naturist Night at the Theatre!

clothes-free (nude) night at the theatre

Veritas Theatre and Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park are bringing you a clothes-free theatre night. Join us for this very special presentation of the play S h e e t s. by Salvatore Antonio. Purchase your tickets now because there are only 120 seats in the theatre.

S h e e t s. is an original play by Salvatore Antonio exploring the theme of intimacy in its many forms through the experiences of various inhabitants of a single hotel room. It play unfolds through a series of vignettes dovetailing and linking these seemingly random strangers in their private moments and vulnerability. In several of those moments, the characters ponder their true selves through intimacy and their nudity. On this very special evening, all links to a voyeur-exhibitionist relationship will be broken because the audience will also be nude. The actors’ nakedness will be normalized and the focus of the audience will be solely be on the play and its performance.

In order to create a true naturist experience, clothing will not be optional - nudity will be required of everyone in attendance.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Children are allowed but parents/guardians should be aware that the play contains mature themes that some would consider only appropriate for people 18+.

No photography will be allowed without the explicit permission of everyone involved.

Date: Saturday April 1 (Despite the connotations of the date, this is a real event)
Time: 8pm (arrive as early as 6:30pm for a clothes-free reception)
Location: The Theatre Centre (Mainstage) 1115 Queen St. W., Toronto
Towels: Everyone must sit on a towel. Bring your own or rent one for $1.
Clothes-check: There will be a service to store your clothing during the event.

Use the "Presale Access Code": NATURISTNIGHT
$35 or $22 for seniors, students, and arts workers

Veritas Theatre

Naturism? Nudism? What's the difference? See: