Saturday, 7 December 2019

Access this weekend

‪If you’re coming to Bare Oaks this weekend, you’ll see that Kennedy Road is closed at Doane Road for construction. But that’s happening just past our driveway so you still need to access from the south end. Just ask the nice attendant to let you through. ‬

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Camera Lens Covers

Smartphone lens covers

We have had a number of incidents last summer where people using their smartphones looked like they were taking pictures. The Bare Oaks policy on photography has always welcomed picture taking as long as everyone within range gave permission. This was easy to manage when photography was only done using specific picture-taking devices. But the ubiquity of phones with built-in cameras and the fact that people are always using them has led to a great deal of consternation.

To solve this problem, members and visitors are now required to have a Bare Oaks camera sticker on the lens if they will be using their smartphone at the park. We had special ones produced by camJAMR in bright pink so its presence is obvious. The camJAMR people tell us that the adhesive will not damage your lens nor will it leave any residue.

We will give everyone one free sticker for their phone. But if you like them, you can purchase a set to block all your other cameras too. With all the stories going around about webcams being hacked, many people now like to cover all their digital camera lenses. But the custom Bare Oaks camJAMRs are only available through the office at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park!

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Trailer Open House - Site 218

Have you been thinking you'd like a new deck, sunroom, or trailer?  Or are you just curious about what the options are?  Or do you just want to see a new trailer, sunroom, and deck?

Come to site 218, get a tour, and ask all your questions this weekend:

  • Saturday July 20 - 2pm to 5pm
  • Sunday July 21 - 11am to 1pm

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Flooding from torrential rains yesterday evening

There were heavy rains yesterday evening and we've had some flooding in the park. The Black River broke its banks. Area roads may be flooded. Environment Canada issued a warning of up to 50mm/hour. Our weather station registered 124mm/hour at 19h40. A daily total of 77.5mm by 20h30. (there was 0.3mm at 13h00 and 4.8mm at 16h15) For more facts like this, check our weather station at

Friday, 28 June 2019

Hot Tub Update

We have been struggling for several weeks to repair a major leak under the hot tub. The biggest problem has been accessing the area in order to do the repair. After many calls, one company finally showed up and thought we wanted the hot tub completely removed. (e.g. cut out and disposed of) 😲We informed them of our actual plans so they left and never came back. 😒

A second company declined after many calls. 😞

Feeling deeply frustrated, our team decided to build a lifting rig themselves. They did a very good job so next time it will be faster. But hopefully there won’t be a next time because the hot tub won’t leak again.

We were planning to have the hot tub back up and running for the Canada Day weekend. Unfortunately, during the repair process, a key fitting broke which had to be ordered. As such, the hot tub will not be operational until next week.

We apologize for any disappointment you may experience as a result of this situation.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Pool and Hot Tub Hours

The pool is now open for the season!
But with a new season comes new government regulations. Despite the fact that our water treatment system is fully automated, we now need to test every 4 hours to confirm that the system is actually working. Previously, testing in the morning was deemed adequate.

That means that the pool can only be open when there is staff on duty to test it. This new regulation also applies to the hot tub.

Pool and Hot Tub Hours:

Sunday - Thursday 9am - 9:30 pm
Friday & Saturday 9am - 1:30am
Sunday before a holiday Monday 9am - 1:30am

Lake Beamor remains open at all times and free from regulations. You can still take responsibility for yourself and decide when and how you want to swim.

Note: We are able to extend the open times beyond the office hours by rearranging how we schedule staff. But in the off season, the pool and hot tub open hours will have to be much shorter due to the limited number of staff members.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Recycling, composting, and other waste

Recycling, composting, and waste disposal using Molok

You may have noticed that the dumpsters were replaced on Earth Day with these new containers. They are called Moloks. They were invented in the 1980's in Finland. They take less space than a dumpster but hold more, are easier to access, and look better.

With the new system, we now have 3 different waste receptacles:
  1. Mixed recycling
  2. Organic waste (ie. compost)
  3. Garbage for landfill
The objective is to have as little of the last one as possible.

Members and regular visitors will realize that the organics collection is new to us. Only include things that will rot and decompose. Please do not put plastic bags in the organic waste as they will contaminate the compost. Plastic bags do not belong in the recycling either as they are not recyclable. Try to avoid plastic bags and plastic packaging as much as possible.

Please note that the recycling and organics collections rules are different everywhere. So that it is clear, we have created a brochure to help explain what goes where at Bare Oaks. If you have any questions, please ask the office.

Wondering how Moloks get emptied?  Watch this video:

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Yoga with Nikki is Back!

Nude Yoga

Clothing-free yoga returns starting this Saturday April 27th and every Saturday from 11am - noon until September 28th. Both novices and veterans are welcome.

There's no minimum attendance so, if only one person shows up, it's happening. It will be outdoors if the weather allows or indoors otherwise.

$10 per person. Yoga mat rentals are available. Just bring yourself. You're already wearing everything you need.

Important notices:
  • Non-members must also register in the office before participating.
  • The yoga classes are provided by an independent individual. Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park only coordinates the arrangement and is not responsible for the service provided.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Carol Bean

We are sad to inform you that Carol Elizabeth Bean passed away on Thursday, April 4th. For five years, Carol and her husband Larry (who passed away in 2016) owned and operated The New Forest Naturist Resort which was sold in 2006 and renamed Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. Their ownership started in 2001 when they purchased the assets of Town & Country Resorts Inc out of bankruptcy. The property had once been the Toronto Helios Society and it was their plan to return it to nudism. For the next 5 years, they did a number of renovations. Of those, their most enduring legacy at the park was the creation Lake Beamore. (a combination of part of Carol’s maiden name and Larry’s last name)

Her obituary is published here:!/Obituary

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Planned Electrical Disruptions

We are completing the electrical upgrades in Beckett Circle. Over the next few weeks, the electricians will need to turn off power to the entire park from time to time. During the work, some parts of the park could be without electricity for several hours. If you have a trailer, it is up to you to ensure that nothing will be ruined by these power outages.

We will announce the specifics 24 hours ahead of time. To receive these announcements, follow our Twitter Status Updates account:

You do not need a Twitter account to read the status on the website.

But with a Twitter account, you can get announcements on your phone. If you do not have data on your phone, you can setup your Twitter account to send text messages to your phone.

The one other alternative will be a printed notice posted on the announcement board next to the interior office door.

There will be no other methods of notification other than what is listed above.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the services of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office during regular business hours.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Bare Oaks in The Bulletin

Bare Oaks is featured in this month's Bulletin from AANR. You can read the article here.

Are you a member of a naturist organization?  When you join AANR you get The Bulletin every month.  But most importantly, you also support naturism and thousands of volunteers who dedicate their time (and often money) to promoting naturism. If you prefer, you can also join TNS, FCN, FQN, and/or any other naturist organization around the world. If you do, you will get 20% off on your day fees when you visit Bare Oaks (and you'll also save at many other clubs) and $40 off your membership fees!

So if you're not a member, please take a minute to join now!

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Date Change - August GRAND SLAM Volleyball Tournament

Lee Baxandall GRAND SLAM Volleyball Tournament
Now held the second weekend in August
August 9-11, 2019

We have always held our August volleyball Tournament on the 3rd weekend in August. But we have been regularly told that people do not attend because it conflicted with the Volleyball Canada Beach Nationals. So starting in 2019, the date has changed to the second weekend in August.

And this year, Bodyfest is happening the same weekend as the August tournament!  If you register for volleyball, Bodyfest is included. If you don't want to play volleyball, you can now get the same special pricing if you participate in Bodyfest!

The July GRAND SLAM volleyball tournament is still the July 1st weekend: June 29 to July 1st

Cabins, rooms, and serviced campsites usually sell out for these event weekends.
Don't be disappointed.
Reserve today!